Windsor Lindor

The first moment of the introduction 'who I am', I found my ‘Self’ in the midst of the moment, with all my heart. 'Who I am' is not a fixed entity. I am neither on the ground, first or second. I am a dynamic stream of experiences that are alive in every moment as I let myself happen.

I honor, allow, support, and respect everyone’s right to be who they are, do as they do, and have whatever they have. I honor their right to live their life as they choose. I honor those same rights in me and call for them to do likewise.  I see everyone's essence. I connect with people through the authentic circle and from that essence without the pull to connect from an ego-based place. As I allow transformational change, I have learned to accept that I must do more than dream or yearn in order to have what I want materialize in my life. Activities must occur in my physical world for my desires to be realized. If my dreams are to be fulfilled, I must have a plan and goals that will allow me to make my dreams real. With that experience, I am conscious that I shall never again be satisfied to live the life of a common lump of earth. I do know that I will one day die, and though I do not wish it, I have come to accept it as I celebrate the quiet immensity of creation and am mindful of the clusters of presence that make up my secret companionship.  'I am that I am’ as I choose to open the door for grace and harmony in order to live a life that is orchestrated by my integrated mature spirit.

I am called Windsor Lindor and I am aware that my true relationship to my 'Self' is central to my existence and to the main character in the dramatic production of my life. For I am the writer, director and producer of my life. A true desire to seek truth (freedom of thought and expansion of perspective), beauty and enrich my experience in this journey as a human being. Every day I choose to stand on life's stage of commitment and excellence with a soulful attitude and embody exuberance in its purest form through gratitude, empathetic understanding, unconditional positive caring, pure laughter and joy.

With this in mind and in the theater of my heart, I have discovered that I am more than mere clay. This excavation has no end for I am in a fluid dance with the universe and all of its inhabitants from a place of pure awareness. I am committed to new possibilities, which in turn will continue to make my life more fulfilling. I am becoming the human who chooses to live a well-balanced life with a purposeful attitude and the awareness of being in concert with the attributes of emotional intelligence.
When facing adversity, it is on the battlefield where I find humility, courage and the determination to move forward. My eyes are open to a new revelation. The battlefield includes my personal relationships, my inner desires and life dimensions. It embraces my human-family. It is a state of mind, a willingness to find great-love in all places and allowing its light to penetrate into the deepest recesses of who I am.
Through courage, commitment and excellence in action, I create for myself the ability to choose consciously among the forces within me, to choose where and how I will focus my energy. However, through responsible choice I choose consciously to make this journey, my time, my life, and my reason for accepting that my life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way in gratitude, and grace. I also choose to cultivate and nourish the needs of my soul and approach my human-journey from a soulfulness attitude. I accept my birthright. It leads to a transformational change in the way I think about my personal and social relationships, how I interact with the environment and ultimately, how intimate a connection I establish with the Architect of the Universe. It is the space for new possibilities, which in turn will continue to make my life more fulfilling. For every day I am learning to be friendly to myself by:  

  • Learning to open my heart like opening a flower–And I feel myself as my best friend.
  • Feeling it in every part of my body, my whole being and wishing myself that I will be well physically and mentally.
  • Feeling the peace and the stillness in the moment.
  • Choosing EMPATHETIC UNDERSTANDING over assuming the worst intentions.
  • Choosing UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE CARING over insensitivity.
  • Taking CONSTRUCTIVE ENERGETIC ACTIONS to help get rid of the steam inside.

My mission for each day is to simply live my top core values. My personal mission statement not only reflects my values, it IS my values in ACTION. My education and training make me an effective partner for my clients as they face their own personal and business challenges. My inspiration is my life purpose, living a life of meaning, purpose, joy and service.  I am a nationally-acclaimed personal trainer for the mind and business consultant. I guide and advise my coaching clients by suggesting different tactics to deal with the everyday struggles. I work to find alternative options to help them with life-pressures and stresses with achieving an improved lifestyle model to fit their lifestyle, image and needs.

I empower my clients to live their dreams by providing them powerful tools that transform their lives to a new experience of purpose, freedom, inner-peace, true happiness, love, excellence, emotional intelligence, abundance and authentic success. I also assist corporations in returning their companies to leadership in creativity and innovation. I celebrate change as an inevitable part of life and an opportunity to live a fulfilled, balanced, loving, and a prosperous life with a sense of humor, joy, unconditional love, kindness, gratitude, and increasing my ability to tap into my unlimited capacity though excellence in action. This is the way I choose to be. I do consider it to be a spiritual life, a good life and a life worth living.

 I love reading, observing, thinking, spinning ideas around and I enjoy mental stimulation every bit as much as I enjoy a good meal. In fact, if I had to choose between a good book or movie and a good meal, I would choose the former. I enjoy reading about mindfulness, excellence, leadership, management, emotional intelligence, transformational change, awareness and purpose. I am a very social creature.

My curiosity continues to propel me into many different experiences in life as I choose to dance to the music of life as if nobody’s watching. That is to live without equivocation or hesitation and to find deep gratitude for the gift of living. My aim is to truly regard my life in its entire vicissitudes, and see it as successful in this sense of it being better than it was and that I will depart this human journey a more rested and more contented human being than I was before. I hope that is the case and wish it to be so. 


With this, my mind is unperturbed and in that silence, I am celebrating the quiet within that seeks no attention. That is to allow the effortless beauty of Awareness, Peace and Love to gather me, mind me and embrace me in belonging. With waves of gratitude, I appreciate the mystery of transformational change and this feeling of deep gratitude for the gift of my commitment to bring more love, more kindness, more open-heartedness, more non-violence and more peace into the consciousness that I bring to each aspect of my life.

Written By: Windsor Lindor © 2017

Birth: June 16, 1958