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Emotional Intelligence Movement

Achieve Optimal Health, Success, Wealth, and Personal Freedom.

Emotions link our inner and outer world and the key to understanding our emotions is to recognize them as the incredible guidance system that they are. By learning their true purpose they become a great ally and they serve as an amazing guidance system that is totally tailored to serve us individually.  Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to recognize and effectively manage emotions in ourselves and with others. Emotional intelligence increases our ability to make good decisions, build relationships, deal with stress, and cope with change. Research has proven that our emotional intelligence (EQ) is more reliable in predicting success than our intelligence quotient (IQ). Through the emotional intelligence workshops and personal coaching,  Windsor explores the topic of EQ and how to develop our own EQ, thus increasing our success with our career and relationships both inside and outside of work. Windsor will also share ideas about changing our Life for the better and approaches that support life-long happiness and success. Mr. Lindor will also offer practical advice about the benefits of mastering emotional intelligence.
The Emotional Intelligence event series is a reminder that we belong within a great embrace that urges us to appreciate of just how crucial emotional intelligence is. This also includes the critical importance of being in charge of our own feelings, living more creatively and achieving a loving life that more closely reflects who we really are or want to be.The question remains, have you had enough of the way things have been for you?  If yes, this may be your time to:

  • Be receptive to the highest possible emotional quality of life.
  • Increase your ability to discuss emotions.
  • Be more aware of how emotions influence decision making.
  • Improve your ability to build and maintain relationships
  • Recommit and join the emotional intelligence movement.

As you are considering to recommit, Windsor Lindor believes in the inner landscape of who we truly are is a committed and genuine voice always calling us to master our emotions so that we can achieve optimal health, success, wealth and personal freedom. That power lies within our heart, mind and how we think about our ‘Self’ and relate to others. How we think about our ‘Self’ is critical to how we feel and how we express our emotions. The question remains, why is Emotional Intelligence important?

Our Life. Our Feelings. Our Emotions. Our responsibility to create a new way of living on the raw edge of becoming the captain of our life, having a surer sense of how we choose to process our emotional aches in order to develop emotional intelligence. We are invited to make some room and create some space, so that we can do whatever it takes to raise our Emotional Intelligence. Why? Because, by raising our Emotional Intelligence, we become happier and more peaceful, gain enthusiasm for life, accelerate healing, deepen relationships, strengthen resilience and increase our ability to live a more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life.

  • Would you like to be able to more effectively discuss emotions and emotional intelligence at home and the workplace?
  • Would you also like to increase your awareness of how emotions influence decision-making?
  • What about improving your ability to build and maintain relationships?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then contact Windsor for a free consultation <Here> to learn more about what it will take for you to receive the tools you need to manage your emotions and get back on the road to creating a sense of balance and fulfillment in your life and flow right into an emotional intelligence and fulfillment in your life and flow right into an emotional intelligence.

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Why Windsor?  Windsor will show you how you can build on your values, and hone your leadership capabilities and help you to locate suppressed emotional charges from childhood and release them.


Programs Highlights

1. The distinctive styles for dealing with emotions.
2. Establish our authentic voice.
3. Clarify our values.
4. Monitor our automatic thoughts.  
5. Bring intelligence to our emotions.
6. The benefits of mastering emotional intelligence.
7. The attributes of emotional intelligence.