Transformational Change
is Windsor's Business.
A way that leads to living
a more loving,
prosperous, abundant
and balanced life.
Windsor Lindor
Windsor provides coaching that inspires and guides committed people to create a rewarding life experience. Mr. Lindor does this through a strengths-based, future-oriented process, the new therapeutic model of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy...
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    About Windsor Lindor, Executive-Life Coach - Mr. Windsor Lindor is a nationally-acclaimed Executive-Life
    Coach, Project Manager and Business Consultant. He brings over 20 years of experience in building effective, productive
    working relationships. He is also the CEO and Owner of Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC and he is a graduate of
    Northeastern University and earned a BS in Computer Science.

    Mr. Lindor received his Life Coach training at Coaches' Training Institute (CTI), a premiere International Coaching
    Federation (ICF) certified coaching program. He received his certification in Effective Consultant and Entrepreneurship at
    Leadership Strategies Institute. Mr. Lindor has extensive professional experience with significant executive leadership
    accomplishments in business. His qualifications include savvy diplomatic skills, emotional intelligence and a natural affinity
    for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals.

    Mr. Windsor Lindor founded Windsor Lindor Consulting in 2003 and gave rise to Life Expansion and Purpose Driven
    Coaching Tools and Lindor Consulting. The work is drawn from Windsor Lindor's experiences and training as a Project
    Manager, an Entrepreneur, a Solutions Architect, a Business Executive and a Life Coach ("Co-Active Model") to help his
    clients to make better decisions that maximize their personal success, and live a more fulfilled, prosperous, abundant and
    balanced life.

    Prior to founding Windsor Lindor Consulting, Mr. Lindor was the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Technology
    at Onyx Spectrum, Inc and as an IT Consultant, Mr. Lindor managed large IT projects for major private/public
    organizations and Government Agencies, e.g., Lotus, IBM, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Booz Allen
    Hamilton, the US Commerce Department and the Census Bureau.

    Today, ‘Transformational Change’ is Mr. Lindor’s business. He has successfully coached his coaching clients in achieving
    their professional objectives and break through to their success within the context of their values, personal and business
    goals. Mr. Windsor Lindor’s coaching clients come from varied backgrounds such as entrepreneurs, CEOs, scientists,
    medical, engineers, parents, educators, pastors, therapists and community leaders.

    Mr. Lindor has successfully coached clients nationally and internationally (Europe, Asia and North America) to navigating
    through life's transitions, identifying and understanding how to take care of self in all major aspects of life.
    Mr. Lindor has over 87,000 hours of leading leadership workshops, executive coaching and has successfully coached
    clients nationally and internationally (Europe, Asia and North America) to navigating through life's transitions, identifying
    and understanding how to take care of self in all major aspects of life.

    Mr. Windsor Lindor currently holds several non-profit leadership positions in his community. This includes the Chair of the
    Finance Committee for multiple non-profit organizations and the Chair and President of the Board of Directors for The East
    Palo Alto Teen Home since December 2011. Mr. Lindor continues to provide successful governance leadership, oversight
    and strategic planning support to a community of organizations.

    About Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC - A national organization dedicated to provide high quality executive
    and life coaching services. These services are designed to enable any client to achieve success and fulfillment in their work
    and life in the shortest time possible. The organization is committed to empower its clients with the focus and
    accountability they need to achieve the consistent results they demand in the most important areas of their lives.

  • Purpose - To support clients towards specific professional and personal goals. These include career transition,
    interpersonal and professional communication, performance management, organizational effectiveness,
    managing career and personal changes, developing executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, dealing
    effectively with conflict, and building an effective team within their organization. To inspire and empower people
    across the world to live a more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life.   

  • Mission - To deliver superior value to all customers by providing the best coaching tools with unique
    capabilities through heart-centered personal engagement, a strengths-based future-oriented process, in
    concert with personal responsibility, acceptance, commitment and excellence.

  • Vision - To be earth's most customer centric coaching-leader; to build a safe place where people can come to
    get the delivering excellence.

  • Outcomes - As a result, the clients’ lives will be transformed to a new experience of purpose, freedom, inner-
    peace, true happiness, love, excellence, emotional intelligence and authentic success.

  • Impact - Transformational Change is Windsor's business. Windsor uses coaching and leadership tools that
    support his clients in creating a plan of action, breaking through any obstacles and achieving their desired goals
    by providing the coaching tools to:

  • Set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Tangible.
  • Orchestrate and establish vital links resulting in improving clients’ business relationships and maximizing
    return on investment through process improvement.
  • Develop more fulfilling relationships and pinpoint where they are on the road toward achieving
    organization objectives.
  • Develop and implements organization's strategic plan.
  • Sustain the work of their organization and provide governance leadership.
My name is Windsor Lindor. I am a nationally-acclaimed Life Coach, Executive Coach and Project Manager.
Being who I am and doing what
I do allow me to live a life of
gratitude, purpose, and
excellence as I empower adults
to live their dreams by providing
them powerful tools that help
them to reach their full potential.

A process that will remove
conflicts that prevent them from
becoming the person they were
created to be and bring to the
surface their nobler parts and
life's rich abundance that is so
often invisible.  

As I go through this process
with the clients, I will look to
help them to move away from
negative patterns and toward
the intimacy, purpose and
direction they have always
wanted with the major areas of
their lives.

    ~ Windsor Lindor
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Life Expansion-Purpose Driven Coaching is transformational change. Have a major insight into our personal and business development plans for the future and break through to our success on purpose.